Re-energise your system and recharge your energy levels with vitamin B-12 complex.

The perfect injection for those lacking in vitamin B12 e.g., if you’re anaemic, vegan, losing balance or feeling weak from time to time.

Vitamin B12 injections are traditionally popular for its energy boosting effects, improvement in metabolism as well as being able to aid with an earlier release of melatonin meaning it can aid the regulation of sleep.

It converts carbohydrates into glucose in the body, thus leading to energy production and a decrease in fatigue and lethargy.

It is also used for various health and wellness applications like boosting red blood cell production which helps to regulate sleep, mood, and appetite cycles.

Experience natural energy lasting for days from a Vitamin B12 shot as opposed to short energy bursts with stimulants like caffeine.

Increases Natural Energy Levels
Augments Red Blood Cell Production
Helps Regulate Sleep, Mood and Appetite Cycle
Boosts Immune System
Natural Energy Boost
Reduced Stress levels
Less Fatigue
Increased Physical Stamina

Vitamin C injection

Give your body an immunity boost and protect yourself from colds and viruses. Vitamin C is an essential nutrient that has been shown to decrease duration and symptoms of common flu type illnesses. Whether you are under the weather or looking to stay healthy and productive, recharge and leave behind the days of feeling run down.

Vitamin C is a powerful anti-oxidant that helps minimize the free radicals and harmful elements of life. Combat the stressors and live beyond limits. This vitamin is also required for the body to produce collagen, giving you healthy youthful skin and strong bones.


Immune System
Cold & Flu